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Finally, a slight change in the water generation schedule has happened, and i was pleasantly surprised with how well fishing has been since! As much like long periods of stable flows, sometimes change is just what fish and or fishermen need!

Downsizing all of my flies has been the ticket with the slight drop in water, smaller midges and caddis nymphs will produce along with eggs as rainbows have definitely started to spawn. Although this winter season has not produced a great shad kill yet, quality fish have still been eating shad patterns during tough times.

streamer fishing is almost more manageable for most anglers with the current water levels as good line control and subsequently, depth are easier achieved. Again, downsizing flies is what has been producing for myself. Bait fish, bait fish, bait fish... try flies that resemble Shiners and creek chubs not only in size, profile, and color, but swim action as well! think where these bait fish live, or where the could end up with small changes in water throughout the day. Try not to just cast and fish mindlessly, each cast should have a theory and a purpose behind it right now. Although pounding the banks and "cast, strip, repeat" will eventually work "a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in an while" id suggest fishing smarter, not harder!

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