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Another Alaskan summer has come and gone… I would like to thank everyone who made it possible. Memories were made, fish were caught, and plenty of good times were had by all! We have a few spots to fill for the summer of 2022, if anyone is interested feel free to give me a call.

As the title states, you can probably conclude that I have made my way back to Arkansas. I’m personally to blame and completely sorry for the neglect that the blog and river reports have been getting over the past year, I fully intend to stay current and up to date as we head into the future.

As soon as I got back, I hit the ground running, spending almost every day working on the water in the first half of October and let me tell ya… fishing is consistent and good! The generation schedule has had the water lower in the mornings and stepping it up throughout the afternoon. I have been starting my days with either pheasant tails, ruby midges, purple midges, and caddis pupa’s. After the first couple drifts, you should be able to tell what they are In the mood for that particular morning, then adjust accordingly. as the water rises in the afternoon I’ve been doing 2 things, either trying to stay on the first couple feet of the incoming water, or accept the water and run on up the river. Chasing the rise I’ve been fishing San Juan worms in all colors all the way down the river, running them below the grass and on gravel flats. If I run up river I’ve been fishing a single white jig, 9’-14’ below the indicator and in 1/48oz, 1/32oz, 1/24oz just depending on the water we’re on and the anglers in my boat. This trend looks to continue throughout the rest of the month and into November.

I am currently booked through out the rest of October and November, but have other guides available. I am currently booking winter streamer dates with 1 week left to fill in January and scattered days throughout February. spring caddis dates are not full at the moment but please don’t wait if you have particular days in mind! don‘t forget we have group trips and lodging options available as well!

Thank you again for all of the continued support,

it’s great to be back home on the White River.


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