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And that's a wrap! Another beautiful summer in the great state of Alaska has come to a end, I would like to give thanks to everyone who endured the rigorous travel bans and restrictions to come fish with me and my co-workers in what was the most "interesting" summer that I hope we will ever have! Seriously, we appreciate you giving us the opportunity to do what we do. See you again in June!

Onward to Arkansas! It's that time of year again as I shift my mindset from isolation, bears, and rodent eating rainbow trout, to big water, bigger flies, and brown trout! this is very welcomed as Alaska was getting colder and colder by the day... Come enjoy the last few weeks of summer weather with me on the best trout fishery that the lower 48 has to offer. Our calendar is filling up FAST for this winter and upcoming spring season as well, Don't wait to book, as dates are on a first come first serve basis. (231) 350-2671 I'm looking forward to another great year in Arkansas!


P.S - The cutting of the hair and shaving of the 'stash has already happened.

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