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What To Expect

  • Trout Bandits Guide Service will supply all the gear, terminal tackle, rods/reels, flies, ext. Feel free to bring your own gear if you would like!

  • Bring the appropriate clothing for the weather.  We end up fishing in extreme weather, from 100+ degree afternoons, to Single digit mornings. Rain gear should be brought on the boat every day.

  • All trips are run out of our Supreme jet boats that are designed specifically for fly fishing applications. Think of a drift boat, with more room, and the ability pick up and move when fishing slows down, or run back up river and stay on the fish when the bite is good!

  • All Trips Are 2 Anglers per boat, a 3rd can be added at a extra charge.

  • Lunch is provided on all full day trips. Expect high quality sandwiches, snacks, and deserts.  

  • I can not supply alcohol, but you are more that welcome to bring your own!

Cooperate Outings / Family Trips 

  • Trout Bandits Guide Service is able to host larger groups, both on the water and with lodging.

  • We only hire local, full time guides who are extremely knowledgeable and great teachers on all things fishing. Most importantly we will keep you safe, and show you what the White River is all about!

  • Lodging options very and will be custom fitted for your exact needs.  Options include both on and off river settings, private secluded cabins, large lodge atmospheres, breakfast & dinner options with private chef, conference rooms for play/work trips.   all options can be discussed in detail over the phone with TBGS owner Tim prior to booking.  

Guide Rates

  • Full Day Fly Fishing      $550    Per Boat 

  • Half Day Fly Fishing     $400

  • Full Day Spin Fishing   $450

  • Half Day Spin Fishing  $350

  • Add 3rd Fisherman      $100

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