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Covid Continues

Here i am again, sitting in my cabin located in middle of nowhere Alaska at Angry Eagle Lodge, i left Arkansas around the middle of June for my annual pilgrimage north! Definitely a great time to be in bush Alaska, away from "Covid" and all of its baggage. My Alaskan guide season has been that of uncertainty since all this drama begun way back in March, but were here, and were fishing the best rainbow trout and salmon waters this world has to offer! we have had our fare share of cancellations and our season has been condensed slightly, but all in all, not a bad spot to be during this moment in time... As of now, i'm taking bookings for The White starting October 1st, but in the mean time you can find me away from the crowds and covid chasing big trout in the wild Alaskan rivers. If you have ever been interested in fishing Alaska, and don't mind the present day hassle with travel, reach out to me, as we have some once in lifetime deals on the remainder of our season!!


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